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The don't dip snuff article was very interesting. It shows how much lives are affected when people do something right. If they keep doing wrong stuff, someone always ends up getting hurt. It is sad how people mistreat themselves by not respecting their body. If you abuse your body, don't expect to live long. It is very common to some people to do bad stuff. They think that it would make them look cool or tight. But, it don't, it just shows that they don't have any respect for themselves. It is sad how it isn't only you that gets affected by the wrong stuff you do. The people around you that cares will mourn when they find out you are gone. Tobacco companies don't give a care if one or a lot of their customers are dying. They only care about the money they'll earn. The tobacco company is really getting into teenagers these days.

It isn't about adults anymore. They are now targetting teenagers by advertisements. You see all those advertisements everywhere. It is on the bus, bulletins, television, radios, and stores. The tobacco company should have put a warning sign on the product even if not that much people pay attention to it. Some people just ignore warning signs. And when trouble comes, they try blaming someone else. The mother should have won the trial because the tobacco company is way out of line.