September 11

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September eleventh, year 2001. A day that will live in infamy forever. Today at approximately 7:40am a commercial jet crashed into the World Trade Center in New York. About eighteen minutes later a second jet did the same. Sometime later a third jet crashed into the Pentagon. The fourth jet crashed somewhere in rural Pennsylvania. Certainly a tragic day for America. However, despite the tragedy of how many lives have most certainly been lost, today was a great day for America. Too many people in this country think we cannot be touched. We as a nation have/had this God complex thing going on. Today's events crushed that. Now the nation realizes that we can be touched. Because of that, our defenses will become exponentially stronger. In a way, I'm glad they did it. No, I'm not anti-American, I just see the good that will come from tragedy.

This happening will make us come together. Over the period of time it takes for our nation to recover from this, races will no longer exist. You can't determine color when everybody is covered in blood and dust. During this trying time black and white don't exist...only American I do want to talk about the strategy behind the attack for a moment simply because it was brilliant. First off understand that the airspace over Washington D.C. is restricted, meaning that nobody but the U.S. Air Force can fly over D.C.. First the terrorists hit the World Trade Center with two planes. That directed the entire country's attention toward New York. Then, while we weren't looking they hit the Pentagon (restricted air space) comprimising our defences. Then they went for Camp David (where the president usually goes in an emergency) but this is where the mistakes happened. 1.