September 11, 2001 was the most significant moment in my life

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September 11, 2001 was the most significant moment in my life, because it was the first time during my lifetime that there was an attack on American soil. My world and the country were put into a state of chaos. I lived twenty five minutes away from New York City and, it was the first time I did not feel safe living in America. 9/11 has changed the way Americans did their daily activities forever.

After hearing about the attacks on 9/11, a sense of fear went through me. I was concerned for the safety of my family, friends and myself. I could not fathom the fact that our once powerful country had been attacked. I knew some countries had to deal with these terrorist activities everyday, but I was just not use to it. I did not know whether it was safe to ride the bus home from middle school that day.

The possibility of getting bombed while at the super market or at the movie theaters increased my fear nowhere was safe. My room did not feel protected anymore, every time I heard a plane overhead I felt like it was coming straight for my house.

Post 9/11 created xenophobia. There were numerous cases of hate crimes against people from the Middle East and South Asia. Most of the Middle Eastern people who were the targets of violence were American Citizens. They were assaulted and sometimes even killed because of the way they looked. Their workplaces were vandalized and homes or places of worship bombed. This was Americans response for the attacks. Innocent people were suffering because of their appearance and beliefs. There was a lot of hostility toward Arabs and Muslims. They were becoming the scapegoats for 9/11 of misguided Americans.

Everyone who fit...