September 11th

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"Quickly, turn on the TV, something dreadful has happened!" a frantic teacher shouts across the hallway.

My teacher Mrs. Daley, rises abruptly from her chair, and runs to turn on the dusty TV in the corner. The TV slowly begins to display a horrid picture of two twin towers, with one tower spewing thick, black smoke. Jaws drop to the floor, an eerie silence engulfs the room aside from a few short gasps and stuttered sentences of disbelief.

"What in the world?" I whisper to the kid sitting next to me. He gives me a quick shrug and turns back to the TV.

The TV is now displaying a nervous news anchor searching for an explanation to this chaos, "America has been attacked!" he keeps repeating. The TV shows the two twin towers again.

My stomach does a perfect back flip with a twist, a 10. America has been attacked? World Superpower? All that stands for freedom and justice? These thoughts race through my cluttered mind.

The TV again displays the news anchor, I watch excitedly, waiting for a reasonable explanation.

"Authorities say a group of Muslim terrorists have hijacked several airplanes, one of which they have flown right into the World Trade Center!" The plot thickens"¦ Just as this new information enters my mind like a virus, spreading and then changing all previous thoughts of explanation, a second plane goes crashing into the other tower! Chaos sets in; mass hysteria fills the crowded New York streets below. I look through the skylights in ceiling expecting to see the clouds part, and Jesus descending on a ray of light. Is this the end? Mrs. Daley slowly turns towards the class pale-faced and wide-eyed. Mrs. Daley usually has the dynamic energy of a 3 year old in a toy...