September 11th The Effect On Life Insurance

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September 11, 2001 the world as me knew it changed forever. This was a date that I and everyone else will remember for life. A tragedy so unspeakable, and destruction so unimaginable that I still can’t believe that it happened. Our lifestyle and way of life has been changed, if not forever, certainly for the future. This is the most devastating event that has caused us all to take a pause and consider every aspect of our lives. Have we been making the best of our time? Are we spending too much time at work, and not enough with family? Should we cancel our Vacations and travel plans? This act had really affected many people in many ways. It had a damaging affect on our way of life, stock markets, traveling and most importantly our economy. Our government was placed in a position where spending was on an increase and unemployment is on a rise.

Each of us must draw our own meaning and decide what this means to us, but for insurance industry this is a whole new ball game.

        Who would have considered that plane would be used as a missile to kill thousands of civilian people. Who would have thought that 19 people would willingly give their lives to take thousands of others? Terrorism, the random acts of violence used to bring attention to a cause, has been taken to a whole new level. Instead of affecting tens or hundreds of people, we are talking about thousands of people. But what does this mean to our life insurance policies?         The tragedy has taken many lives. Those of whom may have had an insurance policy or some sort of policy to protect them and their loved ones.

Because of the fact this was an act of terrorism but most...