September 11th: Fearless or Fearful

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        There have been many changes in the United States following the attacks of September 11th. In order to better understand the impact and resulting changes of the attacks, we must compare the mentality of citizens and political leaders now as well as during times of war previous to September 11th. We must not only look at our country's reactions but also to how other countries view our inclinations towards fear of bombs and other attacks. By looking at more than one cultures idea's on one situation, we are able to compare and make more informed decisions, and opinions about this difficult time. This is what this essay will attempt to do, as well as provide the author's opinion on last year's tragic event.

        "Remember the world of September 10th?"(Economist) This powerful statement provides the sharpest contrast between two days since the attack on Pearl Harbor. Everyone's lives were forever changed from one day to the next.

Many of us couldn't remember a thing we did on the 10th of September 2001, nor will our parents and grandparents remember the 6th of December 1941. Yet none of us will soon forget how the following day changed the way we acted towards each other, towards people of different races, and how much our patriotism and ability to come together as a country in time of need can present themselves. President Bush quotes, "What the terrorists never expected was that America would emerge stronger, with a renewed spirit of pride and patriotism."(Bush, Transcript) Under Bush's administration, the country has undergone changes, and taken actions becoming of a country on the rebound, so to speak. It is clear that the U.S as well as any other country changes drastically during war. Bush discusses,

"The country as a whole, has raised millions of dollars for...