September will never be the same

Essay by goozie89A, October 2006

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On the day of 9/11, I was at home sleeping because I was sick. My mom came in and tried to wake me up saying "come look at the television, the world trade center is getting attacked." At first I didn't want to get up because I was so tired but my mom wouldn't leave me alone. So I went out to the living room and saw the second plane go through the other tower. I was shocked my eyes could not believe what they had seen. I asked my mother; why would someone deliberately try to hurt us.

That day I cried my heart out for those who died in the attacks. I was frightened to go anywhere or do anything. For the first time in my life I thought about dying. I was so furious with those terrorist, so angry inside that I couldn't take seeing any type of Arab on the street without wanting to do to them the same thing they did to America.

My mom and dad tried to make me better by telling me that "it's going to be ok." But my parents forgot that I knew when they were lying. I knew they couldn't answer that question because no one had the answer.

Later on that night this was all over the news, even channels that had nothing to do with the news were talking about the horrible destruction of the towers. I couldnt take the pain anymore all I could see were the faces of the innocent men and women who died for no reason. This was one night that I wasn't able to sleep. Every time I closed my eyes I kept seeing myself in those towers and feeling my flesh burn.

The next day at school was so dead no...