The sequel to 'A Rasin in the Sun'

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Warning: I'm a german student. Be aware of mistakes! thank you.

4th act, 1st sceneThe moving. Mama, Ruth and Travis are already in Cloybourne Park and working at the house. Walter Leeand Beneatha are walking around, talking about what happened and will happen.

Walter (not unproud) Ah, Benny... (He's looking into her eyes) I think I can understand you now in abetter way, what will you do now?Beneatha I think I'm going to go to Nigeria...

Walter (shrugged) Nigeria! Please, you ain't no Nigerian and you won't ever be!Beneatha Ain't you say you would understand be? (angrily) Man, I'm a black person with black proudand black roots in a white man's land. This place here is not mine - Nigeria is where I can belucky.

Walter (with sarcasm) Oh, hello Mister Asagai, I thought I would be talking to my sister and not acopy of you!Beneatha You never understood me - and you never will, that's what it is.

Walter What to understand? You're talking like a teeny, without any plans - just with visions, withoutany tactics - just with wishes. Benny, think, even Joseph has no idea how to live in Nigeriaagain after living in USA. And you never have been in an other country before - how willsurvive in the jungle if you even can't survive in town? Benny, come back to reality.

Beneatha Did you have ever thought about me and what I feel? I don't feel like home in here...

Walter (loud) Oh Benny!While Walter and Beneatha are discussing Bobo comes, out of breath, screaming for Walter.

Bobo Walter, Walter! Walter!Walter What? Bobo, what's up man?(you can feel that Walter is still hurt from this Willy Harris thing)Bobo Walter, Walter, (heavily) They got him! They got him! They got Willy, they got him!Walter Man, what you...