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The hunger! The need to kill! What prompts a man to attack, rape, and slaughter another human being? What mental form of reasoning allows a man to become a serial killer? Is it his own personal pleasure or is it something in his genetic makeup that causes him to be such vicious predator? On New Years Eve of 1999, Tommy Lynn Sells broke into the home of Kaylene Harris and committed " the most brutal, heinous, senseless, murder!" He attacked raped and slashed the throat of his 15 year old victim! After his arrest, Sells admitted to Kaylene's murder, and he also "confessed to murders in seven states that date to the 1980's." In this trial, and many trials like this, the killer's attorney must find a defense to help the killer, but the question is, what approach does he take? Let's take a psychological examination of this! In " Understanding Psychology " by Robert S.

Feldman, he states that "much of abnormal behavior is largely the result of faulty thinking processes." What is the case regarding Sells? Sells committed murders for twenty years. What was going through his mind while he attacked and slaughtered his victims. What caused his aggression? His attorney could argue that he was acting on forces beyond his control! Sells could be a victim of Determinism, the theory that behavior is caused by factors beyond one's control, and this is what prompted his killing spree. In the wild, predators attack and kill daily. Maybe Sells had an internal primal force that created a hunger for blood, and as long as he was in society, he would continue to be a predator. Due to his determining factors, Sells would continue to stalk his prey with primal instincts. According to Darwin and his theory of Evolution, man...