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The contributions I have made towards my school and community are not straightforward and sometimes can be overlooked. However small, they should not go unnoticed. I have not spent hours in a soup kitchen or in a nursing home, but have helped my school and community in my own special way. Not only did I help my surroundings, but my service also helped me. It made me feel important and like a better person.

My contribution towards the school is not exactly a service, but it did help the school expand and become a better place. I, personally, started the first ever Chariho swim team for the school. I went to countless PTO meetings and brought my proposal in front of the board. I had to gather sufficient information, get a certified coach to coach me, and register as a USS swimmer under the Rhode Island Interscholastic League as an independent swimmer.

The first year I stood alone and proudly represented my school at the high school meets. I had an article written about Chariho swimming, which gathered more interest into the sport. I recruited another swimmer and we now proudly swim as Chariho swimmers. I struggled a little throughout the beginning, but in the end, with all my hard work and effort, my goal finally happened.

My involvement in the community is something little, but indirectly has a huge effect. It makes me feel good about myself while helping others. On average of about three or four times a month, I give up a couple hours of my time to teaching the younger swimmers on my swim team. I get really involved and hold "mini practices" for the younger ones. To them, I am like their coach and best friend. I can see it in their eyes that they...