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With the rapid developing of economy of China, more and more Chinese people have kept extra free money in hand. According the official statistics, there has been 11 trillion RMB deposit in the bank. This is a strong foundation of finical investment. Thus, the companies who sell their fund, which means provide services that indirectly help people to manage their investment, become popular in China. As current trend, investors welcome Fund management companies. Because not many people have professional knowledge and free time.


"Registered on July 13, 1998, Boshi Fund Management Company Limited is one of the first 5 securities investment fund companies approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). With a registered capital of 100 million RMB, Boshi Fund Management Company has four shareholders holding a 25% ownership stake respectively. We are dedicated to offering satisfactory service to all investors. They are constantly aiming to become one of top fund companies with recognition of the regulators, investors and society although they have been already recognised as one of the top brands in the fund management marketing of China."

(Details at Appendix I)

The company has developed two open-end funds for past three years. Both funds mainly focus on the investment of share market and get very good results of sales. But they have not got good results of another new fund, which has similar market position as previous two, is not good.

In order to find and solve the problem, I write this assignment to analyse key issues of the fund company related to services marketing and design and provide recommendations.


a) Analysis the key issues of services marketing approach, design and delivery related to the fund management company.

b) Evaluation of the current implementation and performance.

c) Exploring appropriate recommendation for future improvement.