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IntroductionThe service sector plays an increasingly important role in modern economies. Service managers and academic researchers are now directing their efforts towards the to understanding how customers perceive the quality of services (Berry, Parasuraman & Zeithaml, 1994). For myself, I had a really bad experience in Starbucks when I went back to China during my holiday. On 14th July, I went to shopping with my friend, after that, we saw a Starbucks coffee shop on the corner. We felt a litter bit thirsty, so we decided to buy a cup of Green tea Frappuchino. When we entered into the store we saw a long queue, which approximately consist of 10 to 13 people. We stood in the queue for about 10 minutes before I had a chance to place my order, which is a cup of Green tea Frappuchino, no cream and low fat milk. Then I had to wait for another 10 minutes before I obtained my drinks.

After I have received my drink I had realized, the drink is made from full cream milk and also there were cream on the top. Then I decided to go back to the waiter and explained my situation, her reply was "you did not say you don't want any cream and low fat milk". I found the reply that the waiter gave me was unacceptable and it also makes me feel that I am not important. In addition, with during 10 minutes queuing time there were no apologies from the waiter at all. After this experience I have not been to the store for a long time, due to I deeply believe the coffee shop's service quality has failed. Therefore, in this report, I will use the Starbucks service experience to concentrate that how service quality plays a crucial role in...