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The concept of service encounter constitutes the central point of marketing activity in every service industry. It has been identified as a key component of the current agenda for service marketers. According to Carlzon (1987) service encounter is described as "the moment of truth" where the service is actually delivered. In fact, service encounter symbolises the actualisation of the service where service capacity and demand intersect. It can be seen as a cross point whereby consumer evaluates the service performance and where service providers can attempt to manage consumer's perception towards the service.

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Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never an easy thing. Nothing could ever be said to reduce the grief or remove the sense of loss felt by those who were left behind. Nevertheless, something could be done to fulfil the last journey of the deceased by the arrangement of a memorable funeral.

On 10th November 2012, my grandmother has succumbed to her illness. While she was alive, she has clearly expressed her desire to be buried in Nirvana Memorial Park. Therefore, without hesitation we contacted NV Multi Asia Sdn Bhd shortly after her department to deal with the funeral and bereavement processes. NV Multi Asia Sdn Bhd is the largest bereavement care company in Asia and owns the world's largest privatized memorial park known as Nirvana. The level of involvement of this service company is high contact model as it provides fully-integrated funeral services that include embalmment and handling encoffin service, preparation and coordination of memorial ceremony, funeral processing service and after care service.

Overall, my family and I were very satisfied with the services provided by Nirvana. In fact, we have experienced positive disconfirmation whereby our perceptions have exceeded our expectations. There are several factors which influenced our satisfaction...