Service Marketing: A Must for Global Economic Development

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The world is broken into two parts: developing nations and developed nations. Service marketing plays an important role in the economy of developed countries. Developing countries are generally closed economies and Service Marketing is a minimum.

The largest part of a nation's service sector is the government. The service sector accounts for more than 50% of economic activity in developed countries. Service marketing increases the service sector.

A service is intangible therefore service marketing is the selling of intangible products. Selling intangible products are much more difficult than tangible ones. The natures of a service are, as we learned in class, intangibility, inseparability, variability and perishabilty. Service marketing should function to enhance the "tangible" quality of the product.

There are several service industries and examines the service marketing in each. The first example is airlines. North American and European airlines perform better than Middle Easter, Far Eastern, African and South American airlines.

To improve business, panels will present options to increase consumer convenience. Letting the private sector enter the business also attracts foreign business. This increases exports and tourism transforming a developing nation to a developed one.

Tourism is also an important the economic development of many countries. The role of tourism and how that effects a country's jobs and incomes varies. But tourism can definitely generate jobs and revive slowing economies.

Education is also important to countries that want to expand their service marketing. The better skills are taught in school, the better the youth of that nation will become and therefore the better suited for the service industry they will be. Dr. Firoz did a study in 1984 that showed that higher education in the United States is very highly marketed. Developing countries use Service Marketing to market education. In the case of health care, in the countries...