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Executive Summary and AbstractRiordan Manufacturing, "a Fortune 1000 enterprise with revenues in excess of $1 billion, is a global plastics manufacturer employing 550 people with projected annual earnings of $46 million"(Home, 2006). In an effort to increase revenue and standardize business processes, Mr. Hugh McCauley, COO has requested that specific system changes be brought forward that would improve the inventory and manufacturing processes by utilizing computer systems to become more efficient, and enable "seamless compatibility" (F&A, 2006). As a result, Mr. McCauley expects that a business requirements definition for system upgrades and improvements will be given to the IT department or information systems consultants. This paper will discuss proposed solutions to the requests made by Riordan Manufacturing. These solutions include the implementation of RFID/VMI Inventory Control and Enterprise Resource Management systems, as well as a brief discussion of MDM technology.

Service Request SR-rm-001 Processes EvaluationThe fundamental assumption for the use of computers in a business is to help that business respond to a customer event using a computer system that uses cheap, fast computers, a fast network, and infinite storage in order for the business to respond to the customer event instantly, at the point of event, and at the time of need David Marca (personal communication, October 15, 2008).

For Riordan Manufacturing to progress toward meeting these requirements, they will need to implement several system enhancements. These include the implementation of RFID/VMI Inventory Control, and Enterprise Resource Management systems, with a focus on eventually implementing MDM technology.

Inventory Process Enhancements"Managing inventory is the process a business uses to obtain, organize, track, and replenish necessary stock" (Managing Inventory, 2003). At each Riordan location, an inventory clerk uses a barcode scanner to manually log all incoming and outgoing shipments into separate computer systems. This is an unnecessary cost that can be...