Service Request SR-rm-012

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Service Request SR-rm-012

University of Phoenix

Business Systems 310



Systems Specialist Inc.

Providing complete Business Systems solutions

for today and the future .

Haymore Plaza Tel: 520-888-1234

Suite 10 Fax: 520-888-5678

Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 E-mail:

To: Riordan Manufacturing Inc

One Riordan Plaza

San Jose, CA 95112


Purpose: Service Request SR-rm-012

The general purpose of the Service Request is to create a clear view of the current environment and to provide guidance for the future development of Riordan Manufacturing Inc. While budgeting and long term planning can be a burden on a company, our goal is to provide a plan that would allow the company to continue as a thriving business while the company's enterprise converges into a well managed machine. Obviously, seamless compatibility, consolidation and compliance with new government standards required reporting mandates are at the top of our list of things to do with the company's systems capabilities.

Today, LMT will evaluate those business systems which need to be scrapped, consolidated or fixed in order for this company to continue growing into the industry leader who everyone recognizes today.

Our group is looking to implement management software and hardware, which will give the company a clear picture of Operation Risk Management and Opportunities. Our group will assist to cut cost increases efficiently, validate orders, and notify customers of orders in an expeditious manner. Riordan Manufacturing's mission toward customer relationships is to be a solution provider not the customer's challenge. In order to keep the company's long-term relationship with business customers the plan must ensure existing systems and sub-systems handle all formats of data, paper documents and manual procedures seamlessly. To achieve this goal our group must consolidate the company's information systems into a user friendly, manageable and...