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Since its inception in 1991, Riordan Manufacturing has been steadily increasing in size and production capability by leading the industry with its current business model and acquisition of key manufacturing plants. Due to the company's growth, Riordan is faced with multiple accounting, manufacturing, sales, purchasing, and inventory information systems. It has become necessary for Riordan to consolidate its communication infrastructure to accommodate this expansion and to alleviate the additional workload that has accrued from patching the information of each plant together. Integration of the information systems through network restructure and support applications will facilitate the accounting process, expedite company growth, sustain Riordan's good standing with existing customers, and aid in the development of new products and prototypes for existing and future customers. A unified information system will also increase efficiency of inventory control, manufacturing, and accounting. Additionally, by integrating this system into purchasing and sales, Riordan will see a return of investment in the following areas.

•Reduction of work load through automation•Accelerated inventory adjustment and immediate order fulfillment and manufacturing scheduling•Error reduction through less paper handling and data entry•Reduced IT costs by eliminating multi platform supportWhile some of Riordan's plants are operating on older systems, the infrastructure is present to link all of our facilities to the corporate office. This gives us the ability to develop and maintain the information systems from corporate headquarters and support an effective organizational structure.

Finance and Accounting Business SystemsThe existing business system being used by Riordan Manufacturing is ineffective for processing the financial reports and daily business operations of the accounting portion of the business. The first major problem is that each location of the company operates its own accounting management software to complete accounting operations, which means there is no collaboration between the locations. After each area has completed their portion of the...