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April 5th, 2002

Causes of World War I


?Biggest cause of the First World War

?At the root of all problems

-British Nationalism

?German rival naval fleet prompts British to increase their own

?Trade opposition (Germany)

?Germany was producing more coal and steal than Britain & France together, makes the British mad

?Britain's nationalism is due to their concern over Germany

-Germany's Nationalism

?Driven by their newfound confidence over becoming a big power

?Ahead in trade; economics

-France's Nationalism

?As a loss of Alsace - Lorraine they decline economically while Germany grows

?They are weakened by a brand new nation

?They are very bitter

?Bad history with Germany and Bismarck

-Russian Nationalism

?Access to warm water waterways (they need them)

?Nationalism, expanding Russia under the umbrella of pan-Slavism (going into the Balkans)

?Want to unite the Slavic peoples

?Going into the Balkans would be profitable

?Wanted Balkans so this put them into direct conflict with Austria-Hungary because they also wanted it too.

-Austria-Hungary Nationalism

?Conflict, over wanting to go into the Balkans with Russia

?Having many different peoples in Austria-Hungary

ØItalians, Germans, Slavs, Poles, etc.

?Fed on a fear for an empire break-up

?Looking for more territories because they had lost so much

?Heightened tension in the Balkans

-Italian Nationalism

?When Italy gained Venetia Rome and the rest she didn't get all the ones she wanted

?Italians were still bitter that ½ the population of Austria-Hungary was not German/Magar

?Italy was bitter over the Italian states Austria-Hungary still controlled

Italy sided with Austria-Hungary for one day over the territories they wanted and the threat of France attacking Italy. Italy sided with Austria-Hungary because of what they needed and who was the bigger threat. They joined the other side when Britain came into the war. At that time Austria-Hungary was...