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Module 3


A short story element "Setting"

A setting is which the story is set or a drama is played. Setting is one of the six key elements a short story and a play. It has a huge impact on the characters and its capable transmit in transmitting information throughout the story. Das Englein Kommt, Pencil Crayons and Still Stand the House has a unique setting background which shows the different perspectives of the characters.

Das Englin Kommt has a constant setting throughout the narrative. The story basically goes away with a German back ground. Their daily routine life is all about where men go out and women keep remaining in the house. "In that community where fathers went out into the world and did the business…" (Story 195) Papa is man who hangs out and created an image pretending to be the good man out of the community.

"Papa said we had to go to church and learn the glory…" (Story 196). This sort of an environment has been a firm influence on kids to get adapted to the typical German Culture. "But when it comes to their kids, watch out, they're supposed to all speak like preachers" (Story 201). Das Englin Kommt is basically a story which proves what are the issues we should look when we pretends to be beneficial to the society or when we have two aspects.

Pencil crayons, is all about a family who barely travels together. Dada is a man who possesses a constant behavior, where he doesn't know how to handle certain circumstances, because town is contrast compared to his farm environment. "How much does that set me back?" (Curie 181). Robert Currie should have written this on 1930's where he shows the Dad...