Setting goals helps me choose where I want to go in life.

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The process that I take setting my goals helps me choose where I want to go in life. By exactly setting goals I know what I want to achieve with in this program and where I have to concentrate my efforts. Properly-setting my goals are incredibly motivating, and as I get into the habit of achieving goals I gain self-confidence.

My goals will target what I want to achieve. They are many different goals with different intensities that wish to achieve such as being more active, more successful and to achieve more in everyday living. Having clearly defined and written goals will help me to be more successful. Such as achieving stronger muscle strength, higher endurance and low body fat percentages.

With having goals I achieve more. If I have clearly written and specific goals it is relatively easy to create a structured action plan to achieve more. I also choose these goals to increase a healthier life style.

A fit body can also make me a happier person. I would feel proud to show off my body not trying to hide it so the world can't see it.

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