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The Canadian society prides themselves on their freedom. This freedom is provided by Canada's values in democracy. Along with democracy, our society's utmost values involve freedom of speech. If the choice is made, every Canadian citizen has an input in the government and how they wish to run their lives. Freedom of speech is important to each individual, considering that each person is an individual. Being an individual, free speech allows one to share their views and beliefs, as well as listen to other individuals' points of views. Enabling people to speak freely, can allow for comments that might encourage discrimination. There are many different forms of discrimination such as race, gender, income, and religion. These forms and more have been demonstrated in our world since the dawn of man; though over many years society has done their best to force prejudice and discrimination out of our world. As society continues to do this, I believe that we should place certain limits upon free speech in order to continue to decrease the amount of prejudice in our lives.

These limits include public displays, and most importantly television and newspapers. By having limits on these parts of the media (things we are forced to see and own) will allow a place for free speech with a substantial decrease of comments encouraging discrimination.

As people are driving or walking to a certain destination, they choose the route they wish to take. Should we be able to choose what we see on billboards and buses as we travel these routes? Yes. There needs to be limits/censors placed upon a specific use of language and the types of photographs. Not only can the content of the advertisement be harmful, but also where it's chosen to be presented. Anything that is placed in front...