Setting a Logical Order for the Management Model.

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Managers must operate within the corporate culture to establish, maintain and manage working relationships, and accomplish corporate goals. Every company has their own sets of goals, values and beliefs. There are four types of corporate cultures, the first is power orientation, second is role orientation, third is task orientation, and last is support orientation. Most organizations are a combination of these styles, but there is usually a dominant culture. Mangers need to establish good working relationship with their co-workers and the people they are managing. In order to be successful managers need to motivate his or her staff in such a way that they will perform their duties to the fullest. There are three kinds of motivation theories. The first is the hierarchy of needs, the second is the theory X, and the last is theory Y and theory Z.

Moreover, computers are very important in management today. They help managers to gather information, manipulate data, do budgeting, forecast, track sales, and analyze inventory.

Employees must need to have a clear definition of what is expected from them, and from both organization and their supervisors. Employees and supervisors can both decide together the benchmarks in achieving those goals.

Usually employees are evaluated on the basis of whether the objectives were accomplished in the prescribed time frame. Industries, markets, corporations, and the people who work in them are constantly changing. A comprehensive understanding of the marketplace often gives mangers an insight in the various alternatives.

Tasks are related to the specific goals to accomplish. It is the managers' responsibility to identify the specific tasks needed to carry out the management strategy. Correctly identifying the needs of the marketplace and being aware of goals, responsibilities, responds to situations by adopting the management style, maintaining a good working relationship, setting clear...