Setting Up Group Counselling

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I would run an effective parenting skills group. After having spoken to parents at the local school, I have found there is a need for this type of group.


1. This group would benefit parents who are looking for better ways of dealing with their children. For this particular group, I would be looking at parents who have children in primary school, this way I would be able to aim my activities on children in this age range.

2. I have spoken to several people who have shown interest in this group and they have mentioned the need for information on dealing with challenging behaviours and understanding what is expected of their children at certain ages.

3. I feel this would be a great group to run as I myself have 2 children in primary school and found that there is no where to get this kind of help.

I have found out alot from doing this course which has helped me greatly when dealing with my own children, so think it would be good to help others.

4. I have discovered from the potential members, that there is a need for information on;

*Behaviour management skills

*Communication skills

*Parenting skills

*General information on age expectations

*Coping skills ie learning to relax, take time for self

*How to understand their child better

*How to open the door to your child

I believe this a good place to start, although I am sure more will surface once the group starts. This gives me a baseline on what they are looking for from this group.


1. The general purpose of the group is to provide information and skills to parents to help with raising their children. I believe the purpose of this group is...