Settlement of British North America

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Settlement of British North America

Whether it be for profit or religious reasons, many colonists settled in British North America. Different colonies had different establishments for the colonists. Not all of them were the same. The colonies that were established for profit reasons were granted charters or joint-stock companies by the British Crown. Although all these colonies were being made, not all of them were successful.

All through the 17th and 18th centuries, colonists were constantly traveling and settling. The first to settle was France in the early 1500's. When they arrived in what is today Florida and Mexico, they began to notice there were Native Americans there. France pushed religion on them and made them convert into things they didn't want to believe. They also had to battle at times; Native Americans & their diseases. Not only did France travel to spread religion, but they mostly came to seek profit by establishing forts and settlements which would later turn into large cities.

As Spain traveled to settle in the 1600's, they made it look a little bit easier and seemed more prepared than then French. Their main goal also was to gain profit. Instead of forcing religion on the natives they reached out for help and made agreements. With their main goals being trading, buying, and selling, they weren't unsuccessful, especially with the help from their now Native friends.

Along with Spain, the Netherlands traveled in the early 1600's to settle and seek profit. Like any other colony, there were Native Americans there, but they didn't follow in France' or Spain's footsteps. They basically ignored them and wanted nothing to do with them. They were ran by a corporation and tolerant of different religions.

The English settled in the early 1600's as...