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In American society, the purpose of education is to acquire knowledge to apply toward your eventual job; the higher the degree of the education, the more professional, and thus the higher paying, the career. But little in our education actually helps us take a step back and discover what we would be good at, or interested in, or happy doing. Most people simple stumble into a career, and whether they are happy doing it is a matter of luck and happenstance, rather than planning. At the 30 year mark, I am starting a bit late with my career path, but that is how long it took to find what it is I wanted to do, and largely, I stumbled into it. It took years to find the questions I needed to ask myself, much more the answers to those questions.

When it comes to my core skills, most of them revolve around dealing with people.

I am an excellent communicator, with the ability to hear and answer questions perceptively. I pay attention to the people I am communicating with, and empathize with their point of view, giving clear answers. This is important, especially as I attempt to treat them. From my education and experience of massage therapy, I have found I am quite adept at putting people at their ease, the better to earn their trust as I attempt to sooth their aches. These skills lend to my ability to counsel people. To help them identify the cause of their ailments, and recommend a course of action to treat and prevent.

I am an excellent evaluator. Paying attention to a client, both what they say and how they act, allows me to appraise and judge their condition, and extract the essence of what is bothering them. An excellent sense...