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A man with nothing left to live for has ultimately made the decisions to help the helpless, which in this circumstance are seven strangers and one secret. Columbian Pictures presents Seven Pounds, a heartbreaking story was written by Grant Nieporte and directed by Gabriele Muccino, who also directed The Pursuit of Happiness, Playing For Keeps, and Baciami Ancora. IMDb confirms with Nieporte that the title itself comes from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice and says the main character burdens the payment of a pound of flesh from those who are in debt to him. This movie commences with a chain of intense scenes take place in Los Angeles, California. At first the story line is illogical but becomes rich and clear to what is going on. Despite the large amount of negative reviews from critics, and the fact that the New York Times called Seven Pounds "An I.R.S.

Do-Gooder and Other Strangeness," the moving interesting twist of vengeance that I've never seen before.

Seven Pounds acquires an impressive combination of brilliant actors, along with Will Smith, Rosario Dawson, Woody Harrelson, and Michael Ealy. The lead character of the film is Ben Thomas (portrayed by Will Smith); a man with a momentous deep secret who embarks on a phenomenal atonement journey in perpetuity to change seven people's lives. In the beginning, Ben is in a motel room calling 911 to report the suicide of him, to which then leads to him starting his story and explaining how he wants to change the lives of others. He does so silently, stalking his prey as if he was a fox in the woods searching for dinner. Nevertheless, Ben knows exactly what he's searching for and won't settle for anything less. He wants to find someone with a good soul, nice...