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Poker machines and their effect on problem gambling.



Introduction to UnitingCare, Australia p.3

Poker machines and their effect on problem gambling p.3

Problem gamblers and the costs they inflict on society p.4-6

UnitingCare Australia recommendations to help

problem gamblers and the Australian society p.6-8

with poker machines

Conclusion p.8




Introduction to UnitingCare, Australia

UnitingCare Australia is the Uniting Church in Australia (UCA) umbrella social services body. UnitingCare Australia is committed to values-based defense, talking with and on behalf of those who are most vulnerable and disadvantaged, for the common good. UnitingCare Australia is a member of the Australian Churches Gambling task force. The task force members include the heads of the Australian Christian Churches and heads of their social service agencies nationally. Established in 2011, the Task Force united by a commitment to reduce the harm caused by poker machine gambling.

"In 2009 , 70 per cent of Australians participated in some form of gambling, So extensive are the impacts that the social cost of problem gambling to the community is estimated to be at least $4.7

billion each year."(Gambling impact | Problem Gambling. 2012).

Poker machines and their effect on problem gambling.

This submission will address how poker machines or gambling in a whole affect problem gamblers and their life style in regards to mental, physical health problems, theft, and society expenses. It will also give recommendations on how to help problem gamblers and future problem gamblers. Problem gamblers lose on average $21,000 annually that is a one third of the average income. They fail to hold jobs and causes problems for their families, community and businesses.

"In 2007-08 the states collected about $3 billion from poker machines, and $4.9 billion from all forms of gambling, accounting for 9.1% of their total revenue." (Breaking...