Several Methods Towards a Healthy Lifestyle

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Amanda Terraciano

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22 October 2014

Several Methods Towards a Healthy Lifestyle

Choosing to follow a healthier lifestyle can promote a life full of quality and longevity. Staying fit is a lifestyle choice, and by considering the following, anybody can reach success. Some key qualities that many people should keep in mind to obtain a healthier way of life are to start by with some basic routines such as, eating healthy and wholesome foods, and exercising. One should also consider some complex routines such as, quitting bad habits, sleeping appropriately, reducing one's stress levels, and keeping an eye out for consistency and moderation. These different methods to a healthy lifestyle can be beneficial to one's overall wellness.

For beginners, a basic, ideal routine would consist of diet and exercise. When it comes to dieting, start out by constructing a daily journal. By writing journals, the decision making process for choosing healthier choices becomes easier through a process called meal planning.

This includes jotting down what foods were consumed, and how much of that certain food was consumed for that day. Another ideal routine for those wanting to follow a healthy lifestyle is to exercise regularly for at least thirty minutes a day. This consists of mostly building cardiac muscles, which includes, running on the treadmill or the elliptical, swimming, and playing any kind of sport such as my personal favorite, racquetball. One's main focus while in the beginning of exercising is to shed the pounds. Once one's ideal goal weight has been met, muscle building and toning should be the next main focus. Unfortunately, during this process one may come across a plateau. A plateau is a state where a person can fall into where he or she sees little to no change at all. When...