Sewage pollution and it's evils.

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Out of all the types of water pollution occurring globally, I consider sewage pollution to be the worst. pollution is the worst because it occurs, sometimes in large scale and sometimes in small, everywhere. One might think that they are safe from sewage pollution happening to their water supply, but they are not. Evidence of this type of pollution is apparent in the New River, which connects Mexico and southern California. "A recent report by the California Water Resources Control Board found that Mexicali, [Mexico] is dumping 20 to 25 million gallons of raw sewage into the river daily because of breakdowns in the city's treatment system." (Niiler, 2000) The New River flows northward, which means the water flows north Mexico to California. When all of this waste is dumped into the river in Mexicali, it is transported to the United States and Mexico border, to the city of Calexico.

This flow of the New River results in diseases carried by organisms in the sewage being transported there. The river violates water quality standards by several hundred-fold. (Niilder, 2000) This interferes with the quality of everyday life. It makes water-processing cost more because one has to purify it to restore it to even low water quality standards.

In Great Britain, "more than five out of six of Britain's bathing beaches have unacceptable levels of sewage pollution." (Clover, 1998) This is astonishing, considering people swim in and have regular contact with these beaches. In Zambia, Africa there is a critical problem resulting from the large amount of sewage pollution. In the streets of the city of Lusaka, thousands of street children actually have found a way to get high from water heavily polluted with sewage. "They make 'Jenkem', which is a disgusting, noxious mixture made from fermented sewage." (Matheson, 1999) This...