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Sally-Jessie and Raphael were seeing each other for quite awhile. Then one night, after the prom, they went to Raphael's house. His parents were on vacation, so they had the house to their selves. It was dark and quiet, and they began making out. Sally-Jessie pushed Raphael away as he attempted to feel up her shirt. She began to question whether or not to go all the way. She thought about her and Raphael going to separate, in which they would probably break up. She did not know if she wanted to sleep with someone she wasn't going to stay close with. Then she thought about college. It would probably be better for her to get experience with a person she knew well, before she went off to college, and put herself in racy situations. She thought hard, but did not know what to do. There was too much confusion about morals and public opinion.

The issue of sex before marriage has encountered strong feelings by many people. The mixed feelings and confusion among the youth makes this a strong topic. Many religious groups are opposed to premarital sex, yet most unmarried couples do it anyway. The acts of the opposers saying one thing and acting another way, creates more question. The benefits of premarital sex are tremendous as shown with healthy relationships.

The primary concern with abstinence is religious morals. For an unknown reason, people have this underlying assumption that the Bible clearly forbids non-marital relations. From several books of the Bible, I have found loopholes allowing premarital sex. From the book of Exodus, chapter 22, it says that sex is acceptable if "the man offers to make the woman his wife." The twenty-seventh chapter of Deuteronomy says that sex is ok if the woman is your slave.