Sex and teenagers

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When young girl starts playing with dolls, as all girls do, she dreams about one day having her own children. Almost all of these girls will eventually have their dream come true. One million of these girls reach this dream every year. All of those one million girls are teenagers. Every year more and more teenagers are starting to have sex and are getting pregnant. The rates of then pregnancy are skyrocketing, and it is becoming increasing common for a teenager to become pregnant. With all of these girls getting pregnant at such a young age, one has to wonder why are they getting pregnant?

It is hard to understand exactly why teens are becoming pregnant. With all sorts of forms of birth control available, and many are easily accessible, teen girls are still getting pregnant. For some reason information is not getting to these girls. Birth control pills and condoms are extremely easy to get a hold of.

Condoms can be bought almost everywhere now, and are not that expensive. Birth control pills can be prescribed through doctors, or even at walk in clinics. Such as planned parenthood. Even with these great options to protect themselves, they don't use it. They don't use it because they don't know the right information about it. In schools, they aren't learning the right information to protect themselves.

The program that is being used in some schools today is brand new, and although it is a good thing to be taught it doesn't help all teenage girls. The new program teaches about the importance of staying abstinent. Abstinent is staying not sexually active until marriage. In some school they have abstinence clubs, where girls support each other and make pacts to stay abstinent. The values that are being taught using these...