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Being a teenager in school is anything but simple. There are always decisions to make, some hard some easy. The choices and actions that the students make will give them a glimpse into their futures. Some will have promising futures while others remain in question. But sadly, some will never get a chance to reach for that shooting star because 60% of the students will drop out between the 8th and 12th grades. Half of the 60% will drop out before they become pregnant and other half drop out after they're pregnant. The United States has the highest rates in teen pregnancy. At one point in 1991, there were 62 births per 1000 teen girls aged 15-19. Teen pregnancy cost the U.S. at least 7 billion annually. But luckily, the rates have been dropping. Between 1991-2000, the U.S. birth rate for teens aged 15-19 declined 21.6 percent to 48.7 births per 1000 teen girls in 1999.

The most important decision a teenager could make is to remain abstinent for as long as they still are in school and maybe even until they're married. This choice however is very hard to make. There's always peer pressure and pressure from the partner, lack of understanding real love and curiosity. The one way that might be able to prevent teen pregnancy is to let the students be informed and know what's going on. Some students spend more time in school then with their parents. School is the place where students learn things that will help them succeed and knowing about sex is the one way they will be able to insure there future. Sex education should be taught at school because the more informed teenagers are, the more chances there are to hope that less teens will become impregnated.

The more we make sex forbidden, the more it makes the teenagers want to do it. If you tell them do not open this box and you put it right in front of them and leave it unattended. Most likely curiosity will get to them and they'll open it eventually. That's what most likely is going to happen. We need to let them know that it's just a normal thing that two people do when they are in love and are ready for what might happens afterwards. Letting them know that sex is not something sinful or wrong but it is something that not only affects them but everyone around them and mostly the child, could help make them think before they take action. Teenagers need to be able to be taught to see the whole picture. Sex isn't just a one moment thing, some time is but most of the time, its not. Being a teen-age mom is not fun and nothing enjoyable. Sure, there are times when the baby says his\her first word or when they take there first step but that moment would be much more special if the mother was ready for the child and has someone to share it with. The more they know the more they will think before they act or ask before they act. 70 percent of teenagers reported that lack of understanding or communication with someone is often the reason why girls have babies at such as early age. Most teens that have had intercourse said that they wished that they had waited longer but they were too caught up in the moment and didn't have anyone to pull them away. When there's an open communication line between the teens and someone who is more experience, there is more likely of a chance that the teens will be able to get advice before it's too late.

Everyone is in school for a reason that is to have a successful future. And throughout all our years, we all make mistakes but we have to learn from them and don't make it the second time around. But like all things, there are exceptions. Becoming a teen-mom is a mistake but it's not those little faults that you learn from and won't do it again. When you have a child, you could learn about your mistake but you won't get a chance to do it again. Because when you have a child, that child takes up all your time and if you're a teen then are so many obstacles ahead that you have to overcome not only for yourself but for the child. You won't be able to put all your effort at school because you have a little baby waiting for you get back. You might even need to get a job to afford the expenses that the baby requires. It's not easy or cheap to have a child when you could barely support yourself. Most teens don't understand this concept because they haven't learned enough. Pregnancy prevention programs and events at school give the teens a better outlook. Because lets face it, the majority of teenagers are not going out to the library any time soon to look up sex and there consequences and sometimes there parents deny the fact that it exist so that leaves it up to the school to remind the students that they're in school to have a life later on and sometimes when they trip and fall, they won't be able to always get back up.

Having a child at a young age not only affects the mother but also the mother's family and most importantly the baby. Just imagine an innocent, tiny child being brought up in a world of abuse and neglect because that's what most babies go through if their parents are teenagers. If the child is a boy, it's 13 percent more likely he'll to go to jail and if it's a girl then it's 22 percent more likely she'll also become teen-mother. When you bring a child into the world, your life could fall apart but now there's this precious child that you help create, whose life depends on you. So not only are you hurting yourself and those around you but also an infant who haven't done anything wrong. Wouldn't it be better if the child were born when you have a stable job and a husband who will be the child's father? That small, little person is a part of you and now that, that tiny person is here you need to give him/her the best of your ability because that child deserves nothing less. Teachers and consolers are able to let the teens know that if they should ever deicide to have sex, there is a chance that they will become pregnant. And if they do, then there's this whole new person that depend on them for survival. Becoming a teen mom is one thing but becoming a bad mom holds no excuse.

Like any other children or young people, teenagers need to be guided throughout there teen years, the most. They need to know the consequences of their actions before they act. Society is full of diverse people and it's constantly getting larger and larger. We can't keep sex a secret anymore because if they don't hear it from someone that cares about them and understands the issue, they will sooner or later hear it from someone else and might be misled. Sex education at school just helps the teens become more aware of the issue. And the more aware they are, the more they'll be able to see and take responsibility for there actions. Learning about sex might not only saved their life but also maybe even the life of the unborn child that might have been born if they did have sex.