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Sex Education

United State is the country that has extremely good education in many subjects, but the most sensitive course overall is Sex Education. Not only the United State, but many other countries do not find out a good direction to express the knowledge of sex to their younger generations. Beside the benefits of Sex Education there are some additional affect come beside.

As the result of Sex Education for teens between fourteen to nineteen year of age show that "individuals teens participated in the programs were no more likely to abstain to have sex than those who did not" (Heather).

Furthermore, Sex Education can be beneficial to all of the younger generations by "helping teens delay first intercourse and choose to use contraceptive when they become sexually active" (Finger).

Moreover, Sex Education could help teens to "reducing one/more sexual behaviors that lead to unintended pregnancy or HIV/STD infection" (Finger).

The more information teens receive from the program the more knowledge they will use to protect themselves.

On the contrary, "the abstinence -only education doesn't work. Sex educator, parents, and teens know it. And the research shows that teens need comprehensive sexuality education that is truly comprehensive" (Dudley). Some programs do not give enough information or the explanation did not clear enough.

Similarly, when teens did not get the right message from the lesson, they will apply the wrong method. For instance, " Teens who take virginity pledges are just as likely to have sex as those who do not, but they are less likely to use condoms or other form of contraception when they become sexually active" (Heather).

In a similar fashion "sexually active teens can't protect themselves from disease and pregnancy without fully accurate information about the transmission of [sexually transmitted infection] their treatment and the effectiveness of...