Sex Education: The Class for Free Condoms and Morality

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Sex Education: The Class for Free Condoms and Morality

Sex education is a class which causes many students to squirm in their chairs, blush, or laugh. While it is an uncomfortable topic, it is essential for a student to be well rounded. Each school district has a unique way of teaching this topic, ranging from comprehensive sex education to abstinence-only, or sometimes not at all. Sharon Lamb's philosophical article, "Sex Education as Moral Education," implies an integration of moral education and sex education, primarily teaching how to be a moral person through the general treatment human beings. With discrepancies between school districts in the United States, all thinking they know best, while in reality, the vast differences are doing more harm than good. These differences contribute to the problem of the development of gender role stereotypes and how these stereotypes lead to harmful acts, mainly done by males, such as rape.

Teaching sex education for the sole purpose of reproduction and anatomy, although important, will not help to raise moral citizen. Lamb's main argument and the use of scenarios helps to argue sex education being taught in a moral fashion, is imperative to raise moral human beings to demolish gender role socialization that leads to rape culture.

While the remainder of Lamb's paper is intriguing and diverse in thought, a specific focus is to be taken at two sections titled, "Not So Unusual Encounters" and "Gender Role Socialization," where Lamb examines various scenarios to support her argument. Her first scenario and reaction women may know all too well. A thirteen-year-old girl is going up an escalator alone at a mall. Behind her are a group of teenage boys. As the group approaches, one of the boys slaps her butt. While the boys are celebrating...