Sex Education A Necessary Part Of Curriculum Paramount To A Developing Teen.

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Sexual Education being taught in the school systems to teenagers is a subject which has repeatedly come under fire by many. Some people feel it is a necessary part of curriculum paramount to a developing teen. Others, feel this is a realm best left to the parents. My feeling is that it is important to inform and educate teens and allow them to make their own responsible decisions. Detailed in the following paragraphs I will explain my reasons, as well as arguments presented by the opposing viewpoint.

Sex is a normal, healthy part of human nature. It follows that this subject should be addresses in a learning environment. This allows correct, controlled information to be imparted to the students. Teachers provide statistics, lesson plans, and visual aids, that parents, or "learning on the streets" would not provide. In our efforts to educate our adolescents, we must also encourage parents to be involved in the every day lives of their teens.

Parents play a major role in the teachings of their children.

In sex education it is important to give clear concise information, and to de-personalize due subject in a classroom setting. From this experience students learn the facts and statistics without personal influences interfering. They are able to take away from this a better understanding of themselves and the subject matter allowing them to make wise and informed decisions.

Many influential factors determining the age of first sexual intercourse among adolescents include, "the timing of puberty, social controls, romantic relationships, sexual abuse, physical attraction, use of drugs and alcohol, approval of partner, loss of self-control or self-worth, and a major influence coming from peer pressure."# In outlining the curriculum for sexual education, these topics should not only be...