Sex Education Should Be Tauhgt In Schools

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The primary goal of sex education is to help the prevention of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases; it also teaches about relationships, parenting, values, communication techniques, dating, and decision-making skills. Sex education starts in kindergarten and continues through high school. Kindergarten through 4th grade sex education teaches children about their bodies and attempts to promote a wholesome attitude toward self-development. In grades 5 through 6 teachers try to prepare students for puberty. From grades 7 through 9 most young adults interest in sex increases, so they learn more about responsibility meaning, that they learn more about taking care of their bodies, protecting themselves from sexually transmitted diseases, and being accountable for their actions; they also learn about rejecting sexual advances and how alcohol and drug use increases vulnerability to sexual advances. In high school, students learn more about the social and psychological aspects of sexuality; other subjects such as relationships, marriage, abortion and birth control are explained at this stage.

Abstinence and birth control are mainly discussed during the teenage years especially for teenagers who become sexuality active.

Traditionally children have received information from their parents, church, friends, their doctors etc. In addition, many people believe that sex education being taught in schools assures children of correct and complete information about sexuality. Many people have their opinions on the subject of teen pregnancy, because teens seem to be getting pregnant so fast today.

Society benefits from a more sexually educated younger generation because, less teenagers become sexually active without first becoming aware of the consequences involve. Sex education helps to decrease the number of unplanned pregnancies; it also decreases the amount of kids that get placed up for adoption. Moreover, sexually active teenagers without the sex education training are more subjected to sexually transmitted diseases, emotional...