Sex, Lies and Videotape (Steven Soderbergh, 1989)

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SEX, LIES AND VIDEOTAPE (1989)Steven SoderberghThe story revolves around four characters. The first one is Ann, bored housewife, under therapy. She is married to John, a lawyer who cheats on her. His mistress is no other than Cynthia's sister Ann. Finally, Graham is an old friend of John’s, who comes to spend a few days at the couple’s house. Ann and Graham will learn to know each other and it's going to disrupt the lives of these four thirty-year characters tormented by their sexual lives.

The film settles for conversations about sex, in a psychological context supported by a profound characterization of each of the characters. Indeed, it relies more on this characterization and this psychological study, tied by dialogues revealing uneasiness, doubts or seduction; than action or precise plot.

That's how Soderbergh deals with the place of sex in society, in life and in marriage. Each of the characters contributes to a different aspect of this psychology:- Ann is uptight, "frigid; doesn’t want to be touched and finds that people give too much credit to sex;- Cynthia is perverse, even nymphomaniac, and thinks only of men.

The two sisters are two extremes; and we may think that it is voluntarily exaggerated by both; in order not to be the most different from one another;- John is unfaithful;- Graham is impotent.

Thus the director places the characters in parallel, facing each other; and the point where everyone will meet are Graham’s videos.

SEQUENCE 1: BEGINNINGThe sequence is an global introduction to the entire film. Firstly, the Ann’s character; whose first word is "garbage": anything but sensual and attractive. She talks about her fears to her psychiatrist, character which will not immediately see: we stay focused on her, in a close-up shot. Thereby, since the first scene, we already feel closer...