Sex Pistols: Sex, Drugs, and Rock'N'Roll

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Punks have always been known for pushing the envelope, but the Sex Pistols pushed it farther than anyone to date in the genre of punk music. The Sex Pistols boisterous lyrics and edgy appearance led for them to be heavily censored by the radio and print media and even banned in many places, Britain and abroad (Sex Pistols).

They were like nothing seen or heard before. Their torn clothes and spiked hair sent a visual message that they did not care what others thought. The band was actually put together by Malcolm McLaren, who used the band as an advertisement for his fetish clothing store. Their chains, tight leather, and torn clothes have since been associated with punk (McLaren).

Although, The Sex Pistols were only together as a band for two and a half years, produced one album, and only a few singles, they were able to become one of the biggest influences in the punk scene, and changed the rock world forever.

Many people seem to look at the Sex Pistols as a stepping stone to a bigger and better thing. They were much more than that, and their history is a complicated soup of fun, money, and even death. Popular culture would be very different. The Sex Pistols didn’t just kick down the doors; they kicked them off the wall. For a band that was yearning for a lead singer and had this scratchy new sound they created something that will live on forever. Imitator bands started sprouting up like wild flowers all throughout Britain. Even to this day bands cannot mimic their sound.

The Sex Pistols are punk. They were the first, the pure breed. Their music stemming from anger and poverty, trying to relate to the people the best they could. They were honest about...