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An advertisement is a message printed in the newspapers or magazines, broadcast on radio or television, sent to individuals through mail or email or conveyed in another fashion. Its goal is to attempt or persuade readers or listeners to purchase a particular product or agree with a particular idea.

The media is a very powerful tool. It informs individuals on current events, society expectations, and public morality. The media imprints visions in the minds of individuals of how they should look, dress, and act. This stirs up the memory of the Marlboro Man with his rugged goods looks and cigarette in hand. Today, young children perceive Britney Spears as their role model for dress, attitude, and self-confidence. The media continues to validate the issue that you must be beautiful or handsome, and in perfect physical shape to be successful. Clothing manufactures consistently produce television commercials that perpetuate this phenomenon. There are poignant images in the media that prove that sex sells clothing, cars, and success.

If you look at designers in today?s society such as Calvin Klein, Abercrombie and Fitch, Polo, and Tommy Helfiger you will see that the persona that having great abdominal muscles, a great chest, and charming good looks equates success. In fashion you will see that the concept of sexuality moves merchandise.

The media is the catalyst for the designer?s knowledge and prowess in the game of advertising. In the early 1980?s the image of fifteen-year-old Brooke Shields, with an unbuttoned blouse sent shock waves through the country. Gloria Steinem publicly protested the crotch shots of Brooke Shields. This was the first drastic measure to exploit a young female?s body for the sake of a sale. The Calvin Klein Company continued to cause controversy with their racy and scandalous advertisements. Critics went as far as...