Sex in Society Krystal Chesbro October 25, 2002 Sex in

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Sex in Society Krystal Chesbro October 25, 2002 Sex in Society 1. Media ?Poniewozik, James?, Sex On TV Is Not Sexy!, Glamour. 86-87.

2. School/Education ?Anchell, Melvin?, Sex Education is Harmful, Sexual Values. 94.

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3. Peers and Family Survey, question 3.

4. Music ?Eminem?, Stan.

?Eminem?, Without Me.

?Ludacris?, What?s Your Fantasy?.

5. Teenagers ?Dudley, William?, Pregnancy.

?Roleff, Tamara?, Sex.

6. Religion ?Unknown?, Ten Commandments, Bible.

7. Generation Differences ?Dickinson, Amy?, Teenage Sex, Time. 160.

8. Gender: Males ?Jake?, Breaking Up is Hard for Us, To, Glamour. 104.

?Jake?, Why Men Love Brain Sex, Glamour. 194.

9. Birth Control ?Unknown?, Sexual Health 2001, Glamour. 78-79.

10. Reproduction ?Ridley, Matt?, Will We Still Need to Have Sex?, Time. 66.

11. Pornography ?Cole, Susan?, Pornography Is Harmful, Sexual Values.


?Christensen?, Pornography Is Not Harmful, Sexual Values. 137.

12. Past Experiences Survey, Question 1.

13. Alcohol Survey, Question 4.

14. Physical Features/Attraction Survey, Question 2.

15. Sexual Preference: Gays and Lesbians ?Ehrenriech, Barbara?, The Sexual Revolution Is Only Beginning, Taking Sides. 15.

16. Relationship ?Jake?, Emotional-Baggage Check!, Glamour. 168.

17. Authority/Power ?Ridley, Matt?, Will We Still Need to Have Sex?, Time. 68.

18. Chocolate 19. Abortion ?Hudephol, Dana?, RU-486: Not Just An Abortion Drug, Glamour. 126-127.

?Unknown?, The New Abortion War, Glamour. 105, 177.

Sex is seen everywhere in society today. From the media to abortions, everything seems to have an association of sex with it. Many forces influence, have an association with, or discourage sex in society.

Media Sex in the media has been a long argued subject. Critics pull apart shows, especially the ones containing sex scenes.