Sex Trafficking in America

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Sex Trafficking in America


Humans could be trafficked for either sex or labor with the latter being the most popular. Sex trafficking, a form of human trafficking commonly referred to as modern-day slavery has continued to thrive in the US, just as it does in other countries globally with the victims continuing to be exploited as the traffickers get richer. Sex trafficking forms the basis of research in this paper, considering its prevalence and the recruitment process involved in the context of the US. Borrowing from varied authentic sources, the paper further evaluates the impact that this crime has on its victims and the approaches employed by the victims to cope up with the consequences, giving recommendations that would curb the spread and consequences of the crime.


Human trafficking has been widely acknowledged as slavery in the modern context.

According to Loftus (2011), this comes from people being forcefully, coercively or fraudulently induced to undertake forced bonded labor, forced labor or even forced prostitution. Most of the victims would be lured to the US with a promise for better opportunities to earn money only to find a different scenario when they get there. Of particular focus on this paper would be human trafficking involving forced prostitution referred to as sex trafficking. McCabe and Manian (2010) adopt the United Nations' definition of sex trafficking describing it as coercive, forceful or fraudulent induction of an act of commercial sex or a context where the person being inducted into performing such an act would be a minor. The major victims of sex trafficking according to (Kunze, 2010) include the women and children.

The sex business in the US operates uniquely in all parts whether urban or...