Sex Trafficking: America's Wake-Up Call

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Slavery is still one of the leading industries in the world. What is surprising is in America, a land of freedom and liberty, this institution still exists. The sex trafficking of children in America keeps slavery alive because children are subjected into sexual acts against their will. Sex trafficking includes the fields of child pornography and forced prostitution. Every year thousands of children are subjected to the grossest crimes and the American people need to become more involved in putting an end to it. Unless American citizens take an active role in fighting against sex trafficking, this industry will continue to grow because those leading it will not feel threatened by suffering from consequences. Although many Americans take a passive approach to the sensitive subject of child sex trafficking, it should be addressed on a national level because trafficking takes away the opportunity for a healthy and successful life of its victims, it breaks up families, and it increases the spread of the HIV virus.

Opposing argumentsSome argue that while child sex trafficking is a gross institution; many people do not want to be exposed to the harsh reality of it. Reading stories and studies about it is depressing and people would rather read about a kid who received an outstanding award at school rather than a child who was subjected to sexual acts. Some feel that only good things that are uplifting and which people want to hear should be reported. Sex trafficking is a business of sex, drugs, and abuse; many parents do not want to them or their children to know about these situations. Also, many people view America as a good society; a land of freedom. Americans do not want to believe their country is involved in this kind of activity. children must endure. One of...