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Women's Beach Volley Ball

By Lucky Mbiza

Women's Beach volleyball is renowned worldwide for its strong and bright ambience, entertainment and exciting competition. Women's Beach Volleyball is quickly becoming one of the most popular Olympic sports thanks to its professional athletes; more specifically the skimpy uniforms they sport whilst playing which draws in large crowds; according to Martin Evans of figures show that ministers have bought almost twice the number of tickets for the sport than any other. The uniforms of the women's beach volleyball players have caused more controversy than the game its self, attracting protest groups like the International League for Women's Rights and Women of Protest; both these protest groups have repeatedly questioned the suitability of the uniform of the players and claim that the players are using Sexploitation to get more viewers. I Believe that the women's beach volley ball players should be able to wear the same or similar type of uniform the men wear to cover up their 'lady bits' if it is their choice, as long as the uniforms have the same design it shouldn't matter what type of uniform it is.

Rules and regulations according to f.i.v.b (FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE VOLLEYBALL)

According to fivb the uniform rules of Women's volley ball are as stated

The TOP must fit closely to the body

the design must be with deep cutaway armholes on the back, upper chest and stomach

Respecting the space required for the manufacturer logo, player number, country flag/country code and the place for the player's name.

The briefs should be in accordance with the enclosed diagram, be a close fit and be cut on an upward angle towards the top of the leg.

The ONE PIECE uniform must closely fit and the design must be with open back and upper chest,