Sexist Media Advertising

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Bianca Adamo

Wednesday September 25th, 2013


Mans First Remote Control…

A giant diamond ring fitting perfectly on a woman's ring finger, the bride "to-be" is absolutely giddy with excitement as the man revels in happiness and pride in the amazing ring he has just purchased for his new fiancée. That describes the perfect vision of a would-be marriage, this kind of idea of perfection and excitement is what you see in most jewelry advertisements, especially for engagement rings. For Natan Jewelry, they use a completely opposite approach to their ad. Natan uses the prospective males idea of engagement. The first thing that strikes the audience about this advertisement is the boldness of it. The blatant statement that women and men have dissimilar perspectives on marriage. Natan tries to use the Side-by-Side approach by saying, men of the world, we all know what real men want out of marriage, so lets cut the "crap" and let Natan Jewlers be the one to tell you as a confidant or as a buddy the true meaning behind a man proposing to a woman.

The idea that Natans engagement rings will be the key to unscrewing your uptight girlfriend and the sickening idea that sex with your girlfriend can be indefinitely bought comes across as some secret that guys would say as a man-to-man joke behind closed doors. The idea that women and men secretly, don't truly see eye to eye when it comes to marriage is unashamedly shown through this ad and we see this demonstrated by the obvious drastic differences between normal jewelry advertisements and Natans. Natan tries to say, those jewelers show what women want and that engagement is about the woman, but Natan shows the "truth" behind a mans reasons for engagement so, "trust us, we know what...