Sexual Discrimination in America is Wrong

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Sexual Discrimination in America is Wrong

People are discriminated in many ways, but sexual discrimination is one of the most offensive. Sexual discrimination is shown in many areas, if not all places in the United States and should be stopped due to its inequality in treatment to the two genders. This can be done by the people and the government by creating organizations and informing our children today about what sexual discrimination is and why it is wrong. No one should have to go through discrimination just because of their gender. Now that a new generation is rising, we can help stop and prevent sexual discrimination.

Sexual discrimination is defined as "the unequal treatment of individuals based on their sex" (Mezey 1). This has happened for many generations and can even be traced back to books such as the Bible. Since women had a smaller shape and size, they couldn't do what people called "men's work".

In fact, until the 1900's women weren't allowed basic rights in many countries, such as voting, owning property, or managing their own money. In many cultures, women would usually stay at home and take care of children, while men were the workers that provided things for the family (Mezey 1). There are still many jobs today where most positions are held by women and others by men. Now, the government is trying to solve these discrimination problems by creating bills such as; the Equal Pay Act of 1963, which demands equal pay for men and women in the same position; Title VII, which makes sure that businesses cannot choose potential employees based on their gender; and Title IX, which bans discrimination against the sexes in schools. (Mezey 2)

The Lilly Ledbetter v. Goodyear Rubber & Tire Company is one of many...