Sexual education- why it is important

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In the past sexuality education in Australia has been an area of neglect. Studies throughout America, Canada and Europe show great diversity in approaches to teaching the community about ones sexuality. The history of sexuality has been dominated by religious values, which have used the power of sexuality to intimidate the public in a negative way. If more research is conducted on educating the public about sex in a more personal, practical, positive and open manner, it would open up communication barriers within society. By doing this, it would reduce stereotypes and increase an understanding of subjective reality, and therefore be a more open-minded, empathetic community.

Sexuality education research is lacking within Australia. Studies have been conducted throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, the results show a large variation is methodology and attitudes regarding sexuality education. It is my belief that research should be conducted into the best methods in which to educate, not just students, but the entire community.

By comprehensively educating the public in sexuality it would create an individual sense of identity together with a greater understanding of different lifestyles. This would reduce stereotypes in the community and allow society to grasp the concept of subjective reality. Sexuality can be a powerful instrument within the society, everyone can relate to it, and it can be very emotional or sometimes spiritual experience. Using and understanding sexuality in a positive way, would then lead the way to other aspects of life being understood in the same light. Historically the education of sexuality has been dominated by religion. Recognising the power of such a tool, it was used to control and intimidate society.

D'Emilio and Freedman (1997) state that over the last three and a half centuries, the meaning and place of sexuality in the western world...