Sexual Harassment

Essay by nituree February 2007

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When computers are linked so that they can be accessed by other students, it presents a potential for sexual harassment to occur. The same is true for the Internet. Giving students access to the Internet has become commonplace in school systems. All across the United States, urban, suburban, and rural schools are going online to get information and communicate. Many issues have emerged with student use of the Internet. These issues include:

*privacy of e-mail,

*restrictions or blocking of some sites,

*forged e-mail,

*free speech,




*purchasing of papers and other required assignments,

*deliberately infecting with a virus, and

*Harassing behaviors.

Many school districts have developed an Acceptable Use Policy, also called an AUP. Such a policy is intended to fulfill the same kind of purpose as the proposed sexual harassment policy, that is, define appropriate behavior, and describe procedures for offenses, and detail penalties or consequences.

Strategies for Specific Locations

Bus, Bus Stop

*Mention specifically in policy

*Recruit parents & community people to randomly monitor

*Respond promptly to complaints

*Have bus drivers be responsible for intervening

*Assistant principals or others randomly ride bus


*Audit visual environment

*Train teachers to recognize sexual harassment and give responsibility to report and intervene

*Encourage teachers to teach a unit to reduce, eliminate, and prevent sexual harassment

*Become sensitive to the impact of sexual harassment on students


*Intervene swiftly when sexual harassment is observed

*Report infractions

*Confiscate sexually explicit materials

*Remove any and all graffiti

School Grounds and Parking Lots

*Have roaming school personnel monitor grounds and lots

*Do not let groups of boys or girls congregate at doors or entrances (e.g., walkways)

*Adults should intervene and/or report offenses

Locker Rooms

*Coaches post and review standards of behavior

*Intervene swiftly where sexual harassment is observed

*Become more...