Sexual Harassment

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#Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment is not a subject many like to address, but it is an action which occurs frequently. Equal rights movements have been put in place to help create a safer environment for those who have not been sexually harassed and the victims of sexual harassment. Laws, policies, hotlines, and classes have been made for those who have been once and or still are a victim of sexual harassment. It should be the right of any person male or female, to be able to go to work, school, and or be in a public place without being sexually harassed. In order do protect oneself; a person should first be aware of what sexual harassment is and know how to draw the line by being assertive and saying, "That's enough". People are now taking a stand and saying no more, evidenced by the rise in sexual harassment cases, both male and female.

There are many different types of sexual harassment. For example, sexual harassment in employment and housing, sexual solicitation or advance, sexual harassment and reprisal, and sexual harassment/ poisoned environment. These particular terminologies are also used by the Ontario Human rights Commission which is in Canada as well as other countries who have established categories for sexual harassment. Sexual Harassment has been categorized into these four different categories due to cases which have occurred over time. Policies in other countries might vary, though it is true that sexual harassment is now not being tolerated globally.

As for an example, Canada was previously used. In the Ontario Court of Appeal, each type of sexual harassment is investigated by specialist dealing with the nature of the harassment. Ontario being the example, sexual harassment does not just take place at work or just between opposite sexes; it happens also...