Sexual Harassment

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Law Seminar Essay: Sexual Harassment Sexual Harassment. It's a phrase that we are hearing more and more frequently in the media, the workplace and every day life. Even though it is becoming very common, it is often overlooked and not taken seriously. Sexual harassment laws need to be more strict and enforced more because it happens too frequently, there are many ignored forms of it, and it has very negative affects on the victims.

Sexual Harassment laws and policies should be tougher because sexual harassment is occurring too much and it is a growing problem. In 1983, a total of 1.2 million women claimed that they had been sexually harassed. By 1993, 2.4 million women over the age of 18 had been sexually harassed in the workplace alone. Sexual harassment happens a lot because the harassers don't take it seriously and the penalty is light. Since it is a civil wrong and not a criminal offence, the harasser ends up paying under $5000 in compensation or a loss/relocation of their job.

If the laws aren't more strict, than the number of sexual harassment cases will continue to grow.

Sexual harassment laws also need to be more strict because there are forms of it that are ignored or unknown by the general public. A major problem is how much it is over looked at school. It is often shrugged off as, "boys will be boys" when it should be receiving more attention since a 2000 study in Ontario showed that 80% of female students had been sexually harassed at school.

Another form of sexual harassment that is often ignored is the Male-on-Male type. The majority of this is men teasing, isolating, and harassing other men because they seem homosexual, or they are homosexual. The most ignored and unheard of form...