Sexual Harassment

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Sexual harassment is a huge issue in the employment world. It affects both men and women, but for the purpose of this paper, the focus will be on female victims. The concepts that will be outlined are from two articles, "The Incidence and Impact of Women's Experiences of Sexual Harassment in Canadian Workplaces," herein referred to as article one, and "Life among RUDE BOYS," herein referred to as article two.

The first similarity between these two articles is the concept of sexual harassment. Both articles speak of sexual harassment, its various forms, consequences and ways to deal with it. They look at how our society views and reacts to sexual harassment; this is done in both cases, by looking at the entire population, the country of Canada and selecting a sample, the women who were selected to be studied, upon whom the results will be based.

The authors of each articles used different research methods to draw conclusions about sexual harassment.

Article one, is an explanatory study, it attempts to explain the cause and effect relationships that deal with sexual harassment using the deductive approach. The researchers are aware of sexual harassment affects women, but they use this research to better define how and to what extent they are affected. The survey method was used, by drawing a representative sample of women ages 18-65 years. These women were given a questionnaire asking questions about workplace experiences with sexual harassment. The questionnaire included questions about unwanted sexual attention, action taken in response to this attention and consequences. Article two, on the other hand uses field research. The author studied and interviewed people working in an industry dominated by men and outlined sexual harassment in their workplace. This article was written with an inductive approach; the author began studying the industry...